Step 4: Implementing your Action Plan

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The action plan has been good and has kept us on track during a busy time.

Stephen, City Mission.

Acting on your Plan

Now all the planning work is done, it’s time for some action.

Let other people in your organisation know about your Action Plan and what you are doing. Where possible, link in with other work currently underway, such as any new programs you have. Aim to get some quick wins to help people see what can be achieved.

Involve consumers wherever possible. They are best placed to advise you on how to change things for the better.

Linking in with Quality Improvement Standards

Acting on health literacy can help your organisation to meet or exceed accreditations standards in areas such as outcomes for clients, consumer rights, evidence-based practice, and community development.

Standards that you may want to link your actions to are:

These standards have been mapped against the six dimensions of a health literate organisation and can be found on the resources page.

When I’m working with people on something, I ask ‘can we say this without using jargon’?  

Jules-Ellen, Flourish. Mental health action in our hands.

Documenting your actions

Keep records of all actions you have taken. Make notes of observations, walkthroughs or interviews. Record answers to surveys. Record what training has happened, when, and who attended. Documenting what you do allows you to keep track of progress and provide evidence of changes.

Store your information and results with your Action Plan.

The following easy-to-use tools and information are available to support you and your team with health literacy: