Step 6: Reviewing your Action Plan (Checking in again!)

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The information you collect through as you implement and analyse your Action Plan will help you to review your initial plan - and start to work on the next one! You can choose to complete the checklist again to see how things have changed and whether different priorities emerge.

We have had to be a bit flexible about when our Action Plan will be completed. Maybe it will always be a living document?

anne, City Mission.

Your Health Literacy Action Plan can become part of a quality improvement cycle. Your organisation’s engagement with consumers is central to this process – working with, and working for, consumer health literacy. Your efforts will also help your organisation to meet accreditation or other quality standards required by your funders.

Health literacy is an ongoing process. If you make it part of your everyday business, and ensure that all your information, communication and processes are understandable by all consumers, then you are succeeding in becoming a Health Literacy Learning Organisation – HeLLO!